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    Slang is the informal use of words or expressions that are not considered standard in the speaker’s dialect or language.  Slang or euphemism is often to be found in areas of the lexicon that refer to things considered taboo. It is used to recognize with one’s peers.
   Slang can be regional or used only in a particular territory, but slang terms are often particular to a certain subculture, such as music or video gaming. Such terms can spread outside their original areas to become commonly used. Some words eventually lose their status as slang and others continue to be considered as “words” by most speakers. When slang spreads beyond the group or subculture that originally uses it, its original users often replace it with other, less-recognized terms to maintain group identity. ( adapted from Wikipedia )
A cathum bom partido.
A hot potatouma bomba, um abacaxi.
All or nothingtudo ou nada.
A pice of cakecoisa muito fácil, moleza.
Big dealgrande coisa.
Chill outfique frio!
Dorcbobo, sonso.
Flip flopssandálias havaianas.
Get off may back!larga do meu pé.
Get out of my face!suma!
Give me a breakdá um tempo!
Georgeousfantástico, estonteante.
Gotcha you!te peguei!
Hold onespere um minuto.
How’s the hanging?qual é o babado?
I don’t give a damn!não ligo a mínima!
Jerktonto, idiota.
Keep coolfique frio.
NerdCDF, pessoa esquisita.
No way!sem chance!
Nutsbiruta, maluco.
One for the road!saideira, último gole.
Short stuffnanico.
Sunday drivebarbeiro, mal motorista.
Take it easy!calma!
To butt inintrometer-se.
To bug someoneamolar, aborrecer alguém.
To be groundedestar de castigo.
To be outestar fora, não topar.
To drump someonedar o fora em alguém.
To flunkbombar, ser reprovado.
To go bananasficar louco.
To goof aroundmatar o tempo, não fazer nada.

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