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Phrasal Verbs: DRESS UP

1. to put on fancy or formal clothes [vestir-se bem, formalmente, “arrumar-se”]
  • Mark told us there was no need to dress up as it was an informal party.
  • Mark nos disse que não havia necessidade de vestir-se formalmente, já que era uma festa informal.
  • The couple was all dressed up when they left for the ball.
  • O casal estava todo arrumado quando saiu para o baile.
Dress up as produz a idéia de “colocar fantasia”.
  • Uncle Fred always dresses up as Santa Claus at Christmas.
  • O tio Fred sempre coloca fantasia de Papai Noel no Natal.
  • Jim came to the costume party dressed up as a cowboy.
  • Jim veio à festa à fantasia vestido de caubói.

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