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Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera

Adjective form
Only one syllable, ending in E. Examples: wide, fine, cute
Add -r: wider, finer, cuter
Add -st: widest, finest, cutest
Only one syllable, with one short vowel sounds. Examples: hot, big, fat
Double the consonant, and add -er: hotter, bigger, fatter
Double the consonant, and add -est: hottest, biggest, fattest
Only one syllable in general. Examples: light, neat, fast
Add -er: lighter, neater, faster
Add -est: lightest, neatest, fastest
Two syllables, ending in Y. Examples: happy, silly, lonely
Change y to i, then add -er: happier, sillier, lonelier
Change y to i, then add -est: happiest, silliest, loneliest
Two syllables or more. Examples: modern, interesting, beautiful
Use “more” before the adjective: more modern, more interesting, more beautiful
Use “most” before the adjective: most modern, most interesting, most beautiful

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