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Hello, folks! How are you all doing? Bom, hoje vamos falar sobre um tema de gramática que embora pareça básico, ainda causa algumas dúvidas em muitos alunos: o uso de WILL GOING TOpara se falar do futuro. Basicamente,WILL se refere a um futuro incerto e GOING TO a algo planejado. Mas há alguns detalhes a serem considerados:

We use will to talk about future facts or things we believe to be true about the future.
  • The President will serve for four years.
  • The boss won't be very happy.
  • I'm sure you'll like her.
  • I'm certain he'll do a good job
We use going to, to talk about future prediction based on evidence in the present situation. Something more probable to be true, like plans, for example
  • Not a cloud in the sky. It's going to be another warm day.
  • Look at the queue. We're not going to get in for hours.
  • The traffic is terrible. We're going to miss our flight.
  • Be careful! You're going to spill your coffee.
  • Next month I’m going to travel to Europe. I’ve already saved the money I need.

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