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Hello people !! Hoje vamos começar um série de posts de How to be British ? ( você já sabe como ser um típico Britânico ?? )
Thank you Heide Franck !!

The (British) Bathroom

  1. The bath
  2. Cold tap
  3. Very cold tap
  4. Shower (not in UK)
  5. Chain (see instructions)
  6. W.C.
  7. Safety belt
  8. Toilet brush (not to be used internally)
  9. Medicated toilet tissue (industrial strength)
  10. Washbasin
  11. Air-conditioning
  12. Monitoring device (for staff training purposes only)
  13. Tiddles
  14. Guest room (overspill)
Expressions to learn:
I´m just going to spend a penny.
How long are you going to be in there ? I´m desperate !

Avoid sying:
Excuse-se, the shower doesn´t work.

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