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Phrasal Verb CALL

[Phrasal+verbs.jpg]The phrasal verb call is made and used like the other English phrasal verbs.
CALL AFTER = be named after someone

He was called Joe after his uncle who had died in the war.


I'll call around in the afternoon if that's ok?

CALL BACK = Return a phone call

You better call back John, he's called twice already.

CALL FOR =  demand, phone call ,  require,  pick sme from a certain place

A. There's not much call for refrigerators in the Arctic Circle.
B. Did you call for an appointment?
C. This good news calls for a celebration!
D. He called for her at home but she wasn't there last night.

CALL FORTH = make something happen

The tsunami in Indonesia called forth a great deal of humanitarian aid from around the world.

CALL IN = get someone to come and do sth,  short visit

A. We had to call in a plumber because our drain was clogged.
B. The Smith's called in last night and we had a pleasant visit.

CALL OFF = cancel

The reunion was called off because not enough people could attend.

CALL ON = visit, ask a student a question in class

A. We called on the Jones family last Sunday afternoon.
B. The teacher called on Scott who knew the answer, fortunately.

CALL ROUND = visit

I'll call round in the evening if that's ok?

 = summon for military service,  telephone

A. He was called up to active duty when the war broke out.
B. Why don't you call up a friend and see if they want to go to town with us?

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