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Você se sente ofendido se alguém lhe convida para um barbie? Não entende quando alguém lhe oferece uma coldie? Se você acha que já domina o inglês e tirou nota 10 no último exame da sua escola , então é hora de conhecer o inglês australiano !  ;-)

If someone invites you to a 'barbie', they are inviting you to A BARBECUE.

If someone offers you 'a tinny', they are offering you A CAN OF BEER.

If someone tells you to 'ava good weegend', they mean HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND.

If someone asks you what you are doing this 'arvo', they want to know what you are doing THIS AFTERNOON.

If somene offers you 'a cuppa', they are offering you A CUP OF TEA.

If someone tells you to 'take a load off', they mean SIT DOWN.

If someone asks you what you are doing 'in the hols', they mean what are you doing DURING THE HOLIDAYS.

If someone invites you for a 'bucks party', they are inviting you for A SOCIAL GATHERING ONLY FOR MEN.

 Let´s see: 



DAVID: G´day mate, nice looking barbie yu´ve got there, pity you cook like a man with two broken arms!

GARRY: Stop Flapping´ya gums and get me a coldie, will ya. I´ll have a bluey, thanks.
DAVID: A bluey??! Mate, you need your head read, if you had´arf a brain it´d be lonely - ´ave you turned Mexican or sumthin´?
GARRY: Go bite your bum Davo and give us a hand with the snags, will ya - where´s ya missus?
DAVID: Ah, I don´t know, She´s whipping´up a few sangers over there or sumthin´. Ah geez, these snags look ace - where´s the dead horse?
GARRY: Right here mate - whadya reckon, I think I´ll chuck on a few prawns too. ´Aven´t ya got my tinnie yet? Too busy wrapping you laughing gear around the snag, eh?
DAVID: Doan go crook at me just cos your knickers are in a knot!
GARRY: Sorry mate! - but the ankle biters have been sooking all day - tear arsing around the place like a dog off its lead. I´ve nearly gone´round the twist, mate.
DAVID: Nothing worse than a blubbing rug rat.
GARRY: Yair, you can say that again!
DAVID: Yair - matter of fact you and the Missus should come round next Satdee for a barbie at our place, and don´t forget to knock with your elbows.
GARRY: Ok, mate! Geez, where´s the Aeroguard? These mozzies ud suck blood from stones.
DAVID: Too right!
GARRY: Yair, bloody mongrels!


DAVID: Hello Garry, nice looking barbecue you have, pity you are a dreadful cook.
GARRY: What do you mean? Stop talking and get me a cold beer. I´ll have a Fosters, thanks.
DAVID: A Fosters! You must be mad - do you think you come from Melbourne or somewhere?
GARRY: I´m not talking any notice of you, David, just help me with the sausages - where´s your wife?
DAVID: I don´t know, I think she´s making sandwiches. These sausages look good - where is the tomato sauce?
GARRY: Right here David - I think I´ll cook a few prawns too. Haven´t you got my beer yet? Too busy devouring your sausage?
DAVID: Don´t get angry at me, because you are beginning to get uptight!
GARRY: Sorry David, but the children have been crying and rushing aroung all day. They are driving me bad.
DAVID: Nothing worse than a crying child.
GARRY: I agree wholeheartedly!
DAVID: Yes, matter of fact you and your wife should come over next Saturday for a barbecue at our place and don´t forget to bring plenty of beer.
GARRY: OK, David. Where is the insect repellant? These mosquitos are very persistent.
DAVID: That´s true!
GARRY: Yes, wretched pests!

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