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Idioms - Second Part

     Off we go, again! Most of the times to be considered a native speaker you should know how to use the language idioms. And here are some, so enjoy them and learn even more!

Idioms with “and”.

Odds and sods. (UK)
Bugigangas, coisas pequenas de pouco valor.
My wardrobe is full of odds and sods.
The ins and outs.
Detalhes completos, macetes.
She really understands the ins and outs of this subject.
To um and ah.
Hesitar, vacilar, ficar indeciso.
He ummed and ahed for two months before accepting.
Good and…
Muito, bem.
My tea is good and sweet.
Bangers and mash (UK)
Salsicha ou linguiça com purê de batata.
Let’s have some bangers and mash for lunch.
Go and jump in the lake!
Cai fora! Vá plantar batatas!
Please, go and jump in the lake!
Life and soul of the party.
Pessoa muito animada, alegre, divertida em eventos sociais; alma da festa.
My friend Giovana is really life and soul of the party.

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