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Idioms - First Part

     Most of the times to be considered a native speaker you should know how to use the language idioms. And here are some, so enjoy them and learn even more!

To make tracks.
Ir embora.
It’s getting late. We’d better make tracks to the bus station.
To lick somebody’s boots.
Bajular, puxar saco.
I refuse to go licking her boots.
Up the creek without a paddle.
Em apuros, dificuldades.
If I don’t get my wage this week I’m gonna be up the creek without a paddle.
To nip something in the bud.
Lidar com algum problema ou situação difícil logo no início.
She needed to nip that problem in the bud.
To cut / give somebody some slack.
Pegar leve com alguém.
Cut him some slack, he’s new here.
To call a spade a spade.
Dar nomes aos bois.
She really harsh sometimes, she always calls a spade a spade.
To flip your lid.
Ficar furioso.
My mom always flips her lid when I don’t do my chores.
On the warpath.
Em pé de Guerra, pronto para a briga.
Be careful! Carey’s on the warpath again.
To be continued…

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