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Vocabulary Building

Hey ya guys!

That's my turn! My friend Lamarck has already posted some very interesting topics. I have to confess,  I get mixed sometimes with these f@#$%* prepositions! lol.
But I'm here today to talk about Vocabulary Building. In my life, I've already had some brilliant students, grammatically talking, but when they have develop a speech, they get lost because they don't know different words, they've just focused on grammar. That's why today we're gonna have a chat about it. Some of my students are always curious when the subject is food. How they can say "mandioca" or even "inhame" in English, it's very funny sometimes!
Now we're gonna see the "berries family". And I wanna suggest you to try to create mental sentences using these words.]
 Merrian Visual Dictionary

Merrian Visual Dictionary
See ya later and I hope it can help you!


  1. Hi teachers !!! It's a grate idea of yours... I loved the lay out, the first subjetcs, the links and, anyway, everything !!!

    I hope us , students, enjoying this blog so much...It's a big opportunity to clarify our questions, learn more and improve our writing!!!

    Thanks for all !!!

  2. Hello teacher. I miss of you class. rsrs
    But now we don't lose touch. I like of this blog. It's very interesting and much important to help us. Thanks for all!!!

    See you later!


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