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Do you like working out ?

Do you have a nice " six pack" ?  Well, maybe you are thinking what a hell is a " six pack ", but in english a boy or a girl who has a " six pack"  means that he has a " barriga de tanquinho" , so if you want to have a "six pack" you have to work out very much !!

And we also have:

Rubber Tyre or Muffin top : que são aqueles malditos pneuzinhos.

Well-toned body, toned body, buff body, healthy body: corpo sarado.

Get ripped:  ficar sarado.  ( depende sempre do contesto da frase !!)

Get into shape: entrar em forma.

Keep fit: manter a forma.

In a good shape: em forma.

Couch potato: preguiçoso.

So, let´s work out !!

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