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Abbreviations in Instant Communicators.

Hey, talking about working out, I think I've got a rubber tyre, lol!

But today I'm here to talk about abbreviations in instant communicators such as MSN, ICQ, GOOGLE TALK and many others.

When we're talking about this kind of communication, abbreviations are quite used and we also have abbreviations in our language.Can you remember some of them?

Vc = você

Tc = teclar

Ñ = não

Xau = tchau

And many others, remember?

And right above you all people are about to discover some of these abbreviations in English, and next time you have a chat on line with a friend, who lives overseas, try to use them!

And here are some of them:

AFAIK = As Far as I Know.
AFK = Away From the Keyboard.
AKA = Also Known As.
ASAP = As Soon As Possible.
ASL = Age, Sex, Location.
BBL = Be back later.
BBS = Be Back in a Second.
BCNU = Be Seeing You.
BFN = Bye, for now.
BRB = Be Right Back.
BTW = By The Way.
CU = See you [later].
CYA = See you.
FAQ = Frequently Answered Questions.
FYI = For Your Information.
GTG, G2G = Got to go.
HTH = Hope This Help.
IAE = In Any Event.
IMHO = In My Humble Opinion.
IMO = In My Opinion.
IRC = Internet Relay Chat
KINDA = Kind of adv. somewhat, a bit, moderately (slang).
LOL = Laughing Out Loud.
MOFO = Mother Fucker.
MORF = Male or Female.
NFW = No Fucking Way.
NP = No Problem.
NRN = No Reply Necessary.
OIC = Oh I See.
OMG = Oh My God.
OTOH = On The Other Hand.
PPL = People.
PVT = Private.
R = are.
ROTFL = Rolling on the Floor Laughing.
THX = Thanks.
TIA = Thanks In Advance.
TKS = Thanks.
TTYL = Talk To You Later.
U = you.
4 = for.
2 = to.

Isn't is interesting?!
See ya all later!!!

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