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     When we speak another language, we have to pay attention to the expressions and how we can use them in our everyday conversation. Many times, to be considered a native speaker you’re supposed to use them naturally in your dialogues, so we’re gonna learn some of them, ok?

To let down
When you disappoint someone or someone disappoints you.

To be ashamed
When you feel embarrassed about something.

To show-off
When you have something and you want to show it to everybody.

To become aware
When you get conscious about something.

To come up with
When you arrange something , you get it from somewhere.

To make it
When you get something in you life, you reach what you’re pursuing

To bug
When you bother a person, for example, talking too much or doing something that annoys him or her.

Wanna bet?
When you’re sure about something and someone’s not, so you want to prove you’re right.

To be out of
When you don’t have more of that thing.

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