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Prepositions and Adverbial Particles – Part One.

     Some of the most difficult and confusing subjects in English are prepositions and adverbial particles. Most of my students got themselves in a trap when they have to use prepositions and adverbial particles. Mostly because they want to use them as they use Brazilian prepositions and adverbial particles, and their uses are not the same. In order to clear all the doubts out, we’re designing some bulletins about it.
So, study hard and enjoy it!!


Where? Exact address with number.
  • I live at 354 Dream Street.
  • The store is at 269 Money Avenue.
  • She is working at slow speed.
Exact point.
  • They sat at the sofa.
  • The cat is at the window.
  • At the height of summer …
  • You are at risk for cancer
When? At what time?
  • Come at three. If I’m not  here come back again at 08:45 PM.
Financial demonstrations.
  • Consolidated company balance at December 29, 2010.
Long holidays, celebration period.
  • At Christmas.
  • At Carnival.
  • At Easter.
Point in life.
  • At 30 she got her promotion.
Place (Specific or public places).
  • She bought it at the grocery.
  • I work at the City Hall.
  • She is at the bus stop.
  • I love being at home.
  • Sarah is at school.
  • Look at me.
  • She was staring at the sun.
  • My dog usually doesn’t bark at strangers.
  • The car came at me.
  • They threw stones at the stray vagabond.
Due to, because of.
  • They were sad at me.
  • She laughed at my story.

How someone performs at something.
  • She is slow at Sports.
  • Are you good at English?
  • I was really bad at Physics.
At what area?
  • I love trying my hand at Embroidery.
  • Susan is an adventurer, she tries her hand at everything she can.
What activity?
  • Men at work.
  • Children at study.
  • Ex-friends, now at war.
Some expressions.
  • At first, I hated her but at the moment I just put up with her.
  • Dubai: it’s where it’s at for the hard-working ones


  • She was about to have a breakdown.
Regarding to.
  • Talk about the devil…
  • What about her?
  • A book about drama…
Around. (*)
  • The dogs are playing about their house
Spread, no specific place, without purpose. (*)
  • Why is he hanging about?
Approximately. (*)
  • It’s about ten PM.
Around something. (*)
  • I’m around 30 years old.
Come to happen.
  • Something strange has just come about.
Turn idea.
  • About -face! It’s a common statement used by the Army.
Form a circle around something.
  • There are, at least, two or three roundabouts here in my city.
(*) In these cases about can be replaced by around with no damage to the structure.


  • Above us, there are 9 floors.
Higher level.
  • I live at the first floor and Susan lives 8 floors above me.
  • What’s that above the fridge.?
  • I love my family above all.

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