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Bruno Mars and the Simple Present

Let´s sing with Bruno Mars !

We use the simple present to talk about:
  1. Things we do habitually:
I often read before I sleep.
He always drinks a cup of coffee after lunch.
Hamid usually watches Dr. Phil
  1. Things we do in general:  
Moroccans eat with their hands
The British people have a big breakfast.
Nomads live in tents.
Moroccans eat couscous every Friday.
Americans consume a lot of fast food.
  1. Frequent activities:
   He trains karate three times a week.
I usually play the piano.
We watch TV every day.
They go jogging three times a week to keep fit.
  1. General truth:
 The earth moves around the sun.
Cats eat mice.
Water boils at 100 degree C.
  1. To express a Future schedule or timetable:
 The bus leaves at nine tomorrow.
The movie starts at eight tonight.
The plane arrives at six next Wednesday.
The football match begins at seven next Sunday.

And don´t forget !!

O  Simple Present é um tempo verbal muito importante e é função do seu professor de inglês tirar todas as suas dúvidas, assim como enviar material de suporte e facilitar todo o processo !  Fique de olho !

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