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See X Look X Watch

Do you know how to use these words ?
It is very common to have problens with the verbs "SEE", "LOOK" and "WATCH".  

When these verbs are related exclusively to vision, it is easy to understand the difference between them.  

"SEE"  describes an involuntary action, while " LOOK " denotes a voluntary action. "WATCH",   also describes a voluntary action but assumes that something is happening or is about to happen.  

These differences are presented in the examples. 

  • My grandfather can see very well without glasses.
  • Look at this picture that Mary sent us.
  • It was just amazing to watch that man work.
  • You look fantastic! (appear)
  • My mother looked all morning but couldn’t find it. (search)
  • I’ll be seeing my boss tomorrow at 10:30 am. (meet)
  • Rebecca watched TV with her mother. (view + TV)
  • We saw a great movie at the Cinemark last night. (view)
  • I see what you mean. (understand)
  • I think you should see a doctor. (visit for consultation)

See you people !

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