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Idiomatic Expressions!!

Speaking fluent is the biggest dream of any English student and reaching it, is not as easy as it looks!
I suggest to all my students to dive into Idiomatic Expressions, so that they can improve their English and get more interested in it.Check out this chart below:

Expression / Slang



To smooth somebody’s feathers
Somebody is nervous about something and you calm him/her down.
Josh was absolutely furious and I tried to smooth his feathers.
Mum’s the word!
Keep a secret and don’t tell it to anyone.
I’m leaving my job, but please, mum’s the word!
Second hand book
When a company purloins money from its cashbook.
George’s company has a second hand book, I’m sure about it!
…as the monkey said…
This expression is used to refer to somebody’s words.
As the monkey said life is not easy!
To hit below the belt.
When somebody is deceived by another person.
Gary and Blair worked together, but Gary hit Blair below the belt by selling the company.
God forbid!
You’re asking God to protect you against bad things.
I’m getting my driver’s license and God forbid I don’t pass!
That’s the limit!
When a situation has already carried too far.
My roommate doesn’t clean his room and the house when it’s his turn. That’s the limit!
To mingle (with)
Get together in a group.
Go to the party and mingle with the guys!
There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.
When everybody cries because an emotional situation.
Sarah was leaving the company and that day there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.
Rent boy
When somebody pays a boy in order to have sex in return.
Julius is a rent boy and he’s always busy.
Long time no see!
This expression is used to show happiness when people who don’t meet for a long time, see one another again.
Bryan, how are you?!
Long time no see! I think 20 years, no?

Queen Anne is dead!
To show that a situation is over. It is beyond repair.
Sue’s marriage was difficult but queen Anne is dead. She’s divorced now.
To follow somebody’s nose.
It means that you have to follow your instincts.
She followed her nose and found out that John was double crossing her.
It’s no laughing matter!
It means that the situation is not a funny one, but a serious one.
Claire is ill Barbra and it’s no laughing matter!
That rings a bell!
It means that you have already heard that subject or situation before.
She’s always complaining about her life. That rings a bell!
Here we go again.
When a situation happens regularly.
Oh Gosh!! Here we go again! Heather and her jokes!
Good riddance!
When a situation or a person goes away from one’s life and she/he is thankful for it.
My ex-husband finally left me. Good riddance!
To round up the cattle.
When somebody gets his/her stuff and go away.
I’ve got to go and let me round up my cattle.
At the eleventh hour.
Somebody does something at the last moment possible.
I’m always doing my researches to the university at the eleventh hour.
To leave no stone unturned.
Somebody asks for explanations and sometimes he/she fights, speaks out loud and other things like these.
I couldn’t believe that, but she left no stone unturned and made me feel uncomfortable.

Say no more!
Somebody is asking another person to say no more words.
Say no more! I’ve already heard enough.
It’s no great shakes!
It means something is not very interesting or exciting.
She had her hair painted but it’s no great shakes! It makes no difference.
What’s in it for me?
It means somebody wants to know what the advantage is, if he/she takes part in it.
Okay guys, I’ll do what you want but what’s in it for me?
…with the best will in the world…
It means that you have good feelings about something but it’s bigger than you.
I would help you with your Math test but…with the best will in the world…it won’t be possible.
Need I say more?
Somebody is asking another person if he/she has to tell more about a situation.
Need I say more? She’s not your friend. She is always telling you lies.
Says who?
Somebody is asking another person who said that something has to be that way.
They say you have to get a health diet. Says who?
You know what?
It means you are confirming something you’ve already said.
I’m going to travel to Bali and you know what? If I have the chance I’ll stay there.
Mr. Know-it-all.
Somebody who thinks he/she knows everything about all subjects.
Okay, Mr. Know-it-all, what’s next? You’re going to invent the cure to the cancer.
Bursting at the seams.
When something is too much.
There were people bursting at the seams at the concert last night. It was very crowded.
Wake up and smell the coffee.
Somebody has to face a situation.
Wake up and smell the coffee, your job is over.
Just like that!
When something happens unexpectedly.
And just like that Bob left me, waiting at the church door…
Out of spite.
When somebody does an action purposely, intentionally.
She cried out of spite. She didn’t feel sorry about that.
Good for you!
Somebody wishes you have a good time with your choices.
Good for you! Now you’ve got a new job you can start your university.
To cross the line.
When somebody cross the limits in a situation.
She has just crossed the line when she flirted my boyfriend.
Where’s the fire?
Somebody is asking you why you are in a hurry because of a situation.
Josh, where is the fire? Calm yourself down and make it clear.
To be a doubting Thomas.
Somebody has to see something to believe it.
I’m a doubting Thomas, I don’t use to believe people easily.
A flying visit.
A fast visit to a friend.
I believe that flying visits are fantastic, you see your friends and you don’t disturb them
To have somebody on.
When somebody makes fun of somebody.
Mark was having me on when he told the joke.
Source: Whatchamacallit? – Brezolin, Adauri – Disal.

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