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Silent Letters

A silent letter is a letter that appears in a particular word, but does not correspond to any sound in the word's pronunciation. The bad news is that English has a lot of silent letters, and they create problems for both native and non-native speakers of English, because they make it more difficult to guess the spelling of many spoken words or the pronunciation of many written words.

" Em muitas palavras da língua inglesa a grafia é diferente da pronúncia, algumas letras não são pronunciadas e por isso são chamadas de Silent Letters"

As letras abaixo entre parênteses não são pronunciadas:

1- Clim(b), com(b), dum(b), dou(b)t, de(b)t
2 – Mus(c)le
3 – Han(d)kerchief, san(d)wich, We(d)nesday
4 – Champa(g)ne, forei(g)n, si(g)n
5 – Bou(gh)t, cau(gh)t, ou(gh)t, thou(gh)t, borou(gh), dau(gh)ter, hei(gh)t, hi(gh), li(gh)t, mi(gh)t, nei(gh)bour, ni(gh)t, ri(gh)t, strai(gh)t, throu(gh), ti(gh)t, wei(gh)
6 – (H)onest, (h)onour, (h)our
7 – (K)nee, (k)nife, (k)nob, (k)nock, (k)now (e outras palavras começadas com kn)
8 – Ca(l)m, cou(l)d, ha(l)f, sa(l)mon, shou(l)d, ta(l)k, wa(l)k, wou(l)d
9 – Autum(n), hym(n)
10 – (P)neumatic, (p)sychiatrist, (p)sychology, (p)sychotherapy, (p)terodactyl (e outras palavras começadas com pn, ps ou pt), cu(p)board
11 – I(s)land, i(s)le
12 – Cas(t)le, Chris(t)mas, fas(t)en, lis(t)en, of(t)en, whis(t)le (often também pode ter o t pronunciado )
13 – G(u)arantee, g(u)ard, g(u)errilla, g(u)ess, g(u)est, g(u)ide, g(u)ilt, g(u)itar, g(u)y
14 – (W)rap, (w)rite, (w)rong
15 – (W)ho, (w)hom, (w)hore, (w)hose, (w)hole
16 – W(h)at, w(h)en, w(h)ere, w(h)ether, w(h)ich, w(h)ip, w(h)y

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